A Play

This world is not more than a play. We are puppets. Playing a role. Sometimes we can improvise the script. But we will never able to change the bigger agenda.


But, for whom? Who is watching our play? Who is laughing when a ‘clown government’ success to impress their people, without doing nothing than continuing inequality and injustice that have been played for decades? Who is crying when a baby girl killed because there is no food for her. Their land was grabbed; their food was destroyed.


What is the reason behind life? What the meaning of living, trying hard to scream, but in fact we can’t change anything? What reflection I can have? What lesson learn I can take?


Life is never fair. Life is never easy.


Another world is possible? It is! Another world is always possible. Only if people want to share power. Fairly. And that is the main problem.


We make them richer, they make us weaker. Indeed, human is the worst creature ever.

Bad Godesberg, 4th of May 2018

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